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Don't have time to manage your email marketing? Brand U can help you build a relationship with your customers and make them into life-long fans. Grow your small business online through email marketing.

Is email marketing effective for small business?

While email marketing is often the subject of much debate, there is no doubt that it remains one of the most powerful tools for small businesses in Charleston and surrounding areas, especially for eCommerce. Email marketing offers a high return on investment (ROI) and is a highly targeted way to reach potential customers.

Email is still the king of digital marketing. It’s one of the most personal forms of communication and has an above-average conversion rate. With all the recent changes to email marketing platforms, this is a great time to get started using email marketing for your business.

Email marketing will always be relevant and effective, but it’s not always appropriate for every type of small business. The benefits of sending email newsletters to your contacts include the ability to deliver customized content, send out announcements, and drive sales.

If you’re going to be successful with email marketing, you need to make sure your content has value for your audience. Emails are intrusive and can be annoying, so your goal is to create marketing messages that are valuable to the reader. If you do that, they will be more likely to open and read your emails, and they will convert at a higher rate.

Email Marketing

What Is email marketing?

Email marketing is an integral part of any online marketing strategy, but what exactly is email marketing? Simply put, it is the promotion of products or services via email. This form of online advertising enables you to send customized messages to a targeted audience in order to achieve a specific goal - whether that’s customer acquisition, lead generation, or even retention.

Why Email Marketing?

With approximately 2.6 billion email users worldwide, email marketing is one of the most popular types of internet marketing today. It’s an effective way to reach and stay connected with existing customers as well as attract new ones.


Email marketing allows you to build and maintain strong relationships with your clients and customers, which is why it’s still considered one of the best lead generation strategies.

Email marketing can be effective as an autoresponder platform when done correctly. Done incorrectly, it can leave you with a “spam” label, bounce rate, and a host of angry subscribers. Do it right, and you can make a big impact on your business, the right way! 

Nurture them until they become customers

The key to a successful email marketing strategy is to know your prospects and customers in order to create messages that they will be interested in. On top of that, you have to know how to use different email marketing campaigns to deliver the right message at the right time, and to the right customer base.

Want to Learn More?

Need an email marketing consultant for small business near me?

All of us want our brands to be the best that they can be and one of the ways you can do that is by working with a local email marketing company. An email marketing consultant can help you create strategic email campaigns that get results and emails that get opened, but you need to find a consultant who understands what your goals are.

Brand U Media can help you with everything from initial strategy to ongoing optimization and reporting, so you can rest assured that your emails are hitting inboxes and being read by the right people.

Got questions? Need some help with an email campaign?

Contact Brand U Media today!


What are some email marketing best practices for small businesses?

There are a number of email marketing best practices for small businesses, but one is to ensure your messages are not spammy.


Here are some tips for successful email marketing:

  • ​Segment your email list


  • Personalize your messages


  • Use images and videos sparingly


  • Make sure your messages are mobile-friendly

  • Test, test, test!

If you're trying to generate leads, then the emails need a purpose and have an offer that encourages immediate response. If subscription or "follow-up" emails are what you're going for then it's important not just to send them out but also to follow up with those who don't open/click/respond by including a direct call-to-action for them to take action.

If you're looking to get the most out of your email marketing campaigns, it's important to enlist the help of a small business email marketing consultant in Charleston. Brand U Media can help you design and send emails that are more likely to be opened and clicked on by your subscribers. Brand U Media can also help you track the success of your campaigns and make changes as needed to improve results.

Why should I hire someone to handle my email marketing when I can do it myself?

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your customers, but it takes time to create and send out newsletters, manage lists, and track results. That's where a local small business email marketing consultant comes in.

It can be difficult to create and execute a successful email marketing campaign on your own. A small business email marketing consultant in Charleston can help you design and send effective emails that will reach your target audience and boost sales.

Consultants have the experience and knowledge to help you create emails that are both attractive and effective. They can also provide advice on how to track your email marketing efforts so that you can see how they are impacting your business. 


A good consultant will take care of everything for you, from creating newsletters to tracking results, so you can focus on running your business.

Hiring a consultant is also a great way to learn more about email marketing. A good consultant will be happy to share their expertise and can help you get the most out of your email marketing campaigns.

Brand U Media can manage your email marketing and help you get more customers through email

A local email marketing company offers email marketing consulting and/or digital-marketer services to SMBs (a small or midsize business). Brand U Media is located here in Charleston, SC, and partners with small business owners in the following industries: construction, manufacturing, financial, industrial, professional services, non-profits, executive recruitment, e-commerce, and more.

Brand U Media can set up autoresponders, build a list of your customers and prospects, create email newsletter designs, and write content that converts, allowing you to stay on top of your business while focusing on what’s most important.

If you have any unanswered questions about this type of marketing strategy, feel free to reach out to me.

Invest in the future of your business. Get in touch for a free quote on your small business email marketing campaigns. Call me today at 843-284-6650 or email to see how I can help you.

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